Subkult envisions a future where all young people have the support to build a meaningful career and fulfill their potential by providing them access to different learning opportunities and by giving valuable contribution to their personal and professional development.

Subkult strives to enable and encourage young people to participate in local, national and international exchange and mobility projects and programs in these areas of interest:

• Self-employment & Startups

• Youth work & non-formal education

• Social entrepreneurship 

• Sustainable development

• Technological innovation

The association's projects are based on the methods of non-formal education. The principles of active citizenship, respect for diversity and the promotion of social and cultural education are fundamental. 

By developing leadership competences and by gaining valuable know-how young people are empowered to take social, economic, political, and cultural action in the society. Subkult strongly believes that through this processes young people are becoming responsible active citizens who are capable to create a better and more sustainable future.


Stev Levajkovski


Maja Stankovic

Financial Officer

Mica Mišljenovic


Andrej Tasevski
Marketing & Communications