Subkult has been born!

17.03.2015 / Lucerne

The official start of the spring 2015 was approaching. Two young enthusiasts Stevica Levajkovski and Marcel Hörler have been already working on development of the idea to create an association, which will enable and encourage many people to get involved in different mobility and exchange projects not only in Switzerland, but also abroad. It was a nice evening on 17th of March 2015 when the founders Stevica and Marcel, in presence of few others colleagues, met together in Lucerne at the Bourbaki Bar and made the decision official. That is how SUBKULT was born. The name of the association derives from two Latin terms: “sub” (underneath / under) and “cultus” (cultivate, educate, training). By merging these two words together, SUBKULT’s main purpose was determined: to cultivate competences which lay under the surface.

Slowly with the time, the association was building its identity and characteristics. Later in 2015, Magdalena Lampart has joined the association and brought with herself new light to the work. As a strong trio, the team of SUBKULT continues investing the time and the efforts into creating space for young people and adults who can participate in local, national and international exchange and mobility projects. By providing access to different learning opportunities, the association gives valuable contribution to their personal and professional development.

The association wants to inspire and motivate people to discover empathy and values, through engagement in and exploration of different challenges. Being faced with cultural diversity, people develop their competences and learn to learn in a non-formal setting.  By gaining valuable know-how, people are empowered to take social, political, cultural and economic action in the society. SUBKULT strongly believes that through this process people are becoming responsible active citizens who are capable to create a better and sustainable world.