Aim & Objectives

The main aim of «Imagine Rhythm» was to empower deaf and hearing young people through dance, filmmaking and with the tools of non-formal education to raise participant’s self-confidence by using one’s own creativity.

The specific objectives:

- to promote the idea of diversity in Europe;

- to emphasize personal and social skills of young people;

- to encourage youth to be active in social life in their communities.

- to promote awareness about the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (primarily Article 24/30)

- raise awareness on different issues of young people with disabilities through art;

- bringing up topics important for deaf people in society on local and international level, - to provide tools in intercultural dialogue and campaigning for young people from count- ries facing economic and social problems (particularly from Armenia). 


«Imagine Rhythm», a ten days project, which used the expressiveness of dancing and filmmaking to overcome intercultural and linguistic obstacles. Deaf and hearing young people from Armenia, Switzerland and Germany created a dance performance together with the choreographer Melanie Alexander and showed it in public space in the city of Zurich. Through a inclusive approach, the participants could create their own movements, make use of their skills and integrate it in a contemporary dance performance. The whole activity was filmed on site by a group of participants interesting in filmmaking in order to document the learning process. The project was designed also for engaging the participants in social life and giving them knowledge on how they can implement social initiatives in the future. Besides the dance workshop, a group discussion was held, with a focus on the problems and needs of deaf people to promote awareness about the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Movetia Exchange & mobility

Swiss Confederation

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia


Doctor Cinema Youth NGO


Melanie Alexander (Choreography)

Patricia Monika Eisele (Adventure based learning)

Hayk Hobosian (Dance Coaching)

Stefan Tschumi (Photography)