Unique opportunity to access the magic world of non-profit association where you can strengthen your self-confidence and develop your personal and professional competences. SUBKULT supports you to start building a meaningful career as a true leader. Here you get a safe platform where you can practice and improve your leadership skills in a challenging environment where mistakes are allowed. Work in a dynamic team of young professionals who will support your learning and will expect from you to contribute with your ideas and opinions. We offer you chance to learn about leadership, project management, start-ups and entrepreneurship, youth work and non-formal education, but also we offer you chance to travel and explore challenges abroad.


It means to take responsibility for your own career, for your own professional development and get the support of our mentors and members. Unlocking your potential to do things on a bit different way, meeting many other people from different industries, from other countries and cultures who will inspire you. You get the chance for travelling and exploring interesting places and opportunities for which most of your expenses will be covered. As well finding your place where you can put your ideas into action, create your own project with our support and implement it in reality. If you already have seen what SUBKULT has done so far, think about the image when you are part of all that. That's why it is worth it to try. Fill in the form and meet us in person, in order to get even more clear perception about the opportunities SUBKULT offers.


Assertive attitude, positive vibes, innovative thinking, willingness to help and support others, openness to learn new ways of doing things. We expect a personality that is highly motivated and eager to engage in different projects, but we also want to see a person who is pro-active and initiate own projects. Bring your experience that you think will be useful for the association and for many other young people. Entrepreneurial spirit is what we would like to see. We love surprises, bring some of these with you as well. Do you have maybe some doubts and dilemmas, confusion or insecurity? Bring that along with yourself too. SUBKULT is an association that has the doors open for everyone, especially the ones who are not perfect. Honesty is our policy! So do not be afraid to show us what you know the best or what you want to learn here! We expect to learn from you as well and we know you have a lot to offer to our members.

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