SUBKULT is a non-profit association, which means, everything that we do is dedicated to our cause. Therefore, all the resources that we have are coming from the project grants from our supporters. But we also want to raise the awareness of each citizen for the importance of supporting associations like SUBKULT.

Being a socially responsible citizen means that you care about your environment and you make any possible effort to give your own contribution in supporting projects and initiatives such as ours. We dedicate thousands of volunteer working hours each and every year to improve the lives of many young people from Switzerland and rest of Europe, by providing diverse learning opportunities. What is more, our services have always been provided free to the community.

We have a strong moral support by everyone that saw our activities and was part of them. What we don’t have in our budget is much overhead. We don’t have a marketing department that sings our praises or markets our effects, and we don’t pay anyone to fundraise. Our team members have largely donated their time and absorbed many expenses through these years to serve the community and try to make a difference.

We are supported entirely by donations, project grants from foundations and voluntary work of many clever people. We are driven by passion and the desire to do more, and build up self-sustainable programs. Here are some ideas how you can support the work of SUBKULT:


Financial contributions by donating directly to our bank account: Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, Amthausquai 21, Postfach, 4601 Olten, Switzerland. Account number: 337.035.100-00 IBAN: CH86-0839-0033-7035-1000-0 / All donations are tax-deductible and can be made in honor or in memory of someone and receive a thank you letter with a small gift and invitation for our next events and activities.


Every post that we have here on our website, or on our social media channels, can be shared by you and on that way, indirectly you can actually support SUBKULT. Maybe you have thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, imagine how cool it will be if you share with all of them a post, blog article or video from our projects that you like? Also just referring to us with hashtags #Subkult #Youthification or any other project hashtag, would mean a lot to us. We want to reach out to as many people as possible and to stimulate a chain reaction of positive vibes that will result with bigger social engagement of those people in their community.


A donation-in-kind is a non-monetary contribution of goods or services. You can contribute to the work of SUBKULT by donating materials, office space, equipment or any other free services. Maybe you have some office supplies or furniture that you will not use any more? Or you are planning to throw away some of the equipment because you bought new one? Why not donating it to us? There is too much waste in this world anyway. So let's be more environmental friendly and use wisely all the resources. It would be even better if by doing so, you support an association like SUBKULT which puts great effort in creating something useful for the society.

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